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Reusable Swim Nappies 101

If you are planning to bring baby to splash around in the pool or better yet, go for his swimming lessons, using a swim nappy is a mandatory requirement of most public pools to keep the water sanitary for others, as they are able to contain the baby's wees and poos. Every time your baby goes swimming, sunscreen, swimming suits and swim nappies are essential.

It works like regular nappies, but unlike regular nappies which absorb water the minute baby goes into the pool, (soaking it and making it heavy), swim nappies do not soak in water but is able to contain wees and poos while bubba happily paddles in the water!

Why use reusable swim nappies?

  • Cost-effective.  Unlike disposable swim nappies where you may require several nappies in 1 day, you only need a couple of swim nappies and bubba is good to go swimming however many times you like!
  • Eco-friendly. You help save the environment by reducing waste and reusing nappies! 
  • Hand-me-down. Reusable swim nappies can be a great hand-me-down once bubba grows older. So your next little one can still use it! 
  • Stylish. Swim nappies come in beautiful and colourful prints!

Don't waste time and money on disposables, save your money (and the environment with our Swim Nappy Collection.